Steph Curry Got Kobe Bryant To Sign His All-Star Game Jersey

Like nearly every other moment in Kobe Bryant’s 2015-16 NBA farewell season, Sunday night’s All-Star Game had a touching and slightly emotional feel to it. There was Kobe’s cheesy, but totally appropriate, introduction. Then there was Bryant’s much-deserved sendoff with about 1:06 remaining in the game.

After the game, though, Stephen Curry couldn’t let Kobe go without getting him to sign Curry’s All-Star Game jersey. It’s a fanboy move, there’s no doubt about that. However, players like Curry are the ultimate Kobe fans. They grew up watching Bryant and now have a chance to play against/alongside him every year. That’s coming to an end this year, though. Plus, there’s always the mutual respect these guys have for one another.

This isn’t the first time this season Bryant has signed a piece of clothing/apparel for a fellow NBA player. Just two months ago, Bryant wrote a short, but touching note — “To KD: Be the greatest” — on a pair of Nikes for Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant.

Not that Bryant needs any more reminders that he’s inspired a lot of players, but autographing the jersey of the reigning league MVP and NBA champion shows just how much respect he’s garnered over the years. With Kobe’s final professional months quickly coming to an end, everyone from Curry to Durant wants something by which to remember them.

(Via TSN)