Take A Look At The Side-By-Side Career Achievements of Kobe Bryant And Tim Duncan

Tonight, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan will face off for the last time in their careers. Though theirs was never a true rivalry, they were at least contemporaries who enjoyed great successes from an individual and team standpoint.

Thanks to user RGiss from the NBA subreddit, we now have a way of visually appreciate all of their tremendous achievements (Duncan is on the left, Bryant is on the right).

That is one seriously loaded trophy case. We could compare the accomplishments, but really, what’s the point? They’ve each achieved so much in their careers that comparisons are meaningless. In fact, it’s fitting that this graphic is of a trophy case, because that’s where a person goes to simply stare and admire.

There’s nothing to debate, no reason for one side to claim superiority over the other. Just stare at it, and appreciate the fact that two of the NBA’s best players of all time played not just in the same era, but in the same conference, and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

(Imgur and r/NBA)