Kristaps Porzingis Is An Even Better Dancer Than Fawning Knicks Fans Assumed

Kristaps Porzingis is already universally beloved among Knicks fans. Whether he is throwing down amazing dunks or dishing out beautiful no-look passes, perhaps the only thing the rookie could do to become more beloved in Manhattan is bring the Knicks a championship.

Well, that and have a video emerge of him and his former teammates in Spain doing a ridiculous interpretive dance to “What Is Love.”


Apparently, Porzingis was quite the dancer while he was playing with Cajasol Sevilla, and he would take nearly any opportunity to bust a move. Sometimes he and his teammates would dance when there wasn’t even any music playing.

Sometimes they would even dance in the locker room, surrounded by what appears to be lawn chairs.

Because the internet is a thing, someone (Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus writer Kenny Ducey) has already taken the video of Porzingis doing his adorably terrible dance to the ’90s Haddaway hit and turned it into the Latvian and his teammates dancing along to none other than Kanye West’s “Father Strech My Hands Pt. 1” from his new album The Life of Pablo.

Shut it all down guys, we’re done for the day.

(Via @KennyDucey)