Kristaps Porzingis Says He Heals Like A ‘Lizard’ As An MRI Comes Back Negative On His Ankle

11.30.17 1 year ago

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Kristaps Porzingis has been widely dubbed “The Unicorn” as the 7’3 Knicks star is capable of doing things that are rarely seen on the basketball court. However, Porzingis has another animal-related nickname for his unique abilities to heal.

Porzingis, who suffered a scary looking sprain to his right ankle against the Heat on Wednesday night, spoke with reporters after the game about his healing abilities, when he hopes to return to the floor, and why people call him “The Lizard,” via ESPN.

“I hope it’s next game. They call me ‘The Lizard’ because I recover so quickly from things,” Porzingis said. “Um, so hopefully it’s nothing too big and I’m going to get treatment, stay on top of it, and hopefully The Lizard can be ready for Sunday.”

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