Kristaps Porzingis Is Way Too Big To Be Able To Dunk Like This

Contributing Writer
11.12.16 2 Comments

Kristaps Porzingis defies all logic. At 7’3, 240 pounds, KP shouldn’t be able to simply blow by the much smaller Patrick Patterson like he did tonight against the Toronto Raptors, but he did it with ease like Patterson was a cone in the gym.

Porzingis also shouldn’t be nimble enough to go up and under the rim to avoid defenders but he did that with ease as well. The fact that the Knicks big man finished the logic-defying drive with a dunk over a fellow seven-footer Lucas Nogueira is just a cherry on top of an already ridiculous highlight. But as surprising as all this is, or should be, Porzingis is making it commonplace. That’s why Knicks fans are so excited to have him in New York, and why his teammates are equally as stoked to be playing with him.

The Knicks haven’t jumped out of the gate with any sort of greatness so far. The “super team” is 3-5, and lost Saturday’s game against Toronto (as DeMar DeRozan continued his spectacular play), but there are a lot of moving parts and new faces. One constant is Porzingis, whose ceiling hasn’t even come close to being reached yet. That means a lot more highlights like this are on the way.

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