Kristaps Porzingis Finally Got Starstruck…By Turtle From ‘Entourage’

porzingis turtle
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Kristaps Porzingis may be precociously gifted on the basketball court, but he’s still a 20-year-old Latvian new to New York City. So when he was asked about his favorite New York things by the New York Post, he can be forgiven if his opinions are a little… juvenile. Like how his favorite Knicks fan celebrity is actually Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from Entourage), and how his favorite restaurant in the city is the Cheesecake Factory (nobody tell him the Cheesecake Factory is a chain located in a lot of other cities).

Well, the man increasingly referred to as Three Six Latvia finally met his favorite star last week, according to the Post, and he made the classic error of nervous fans meeting their idols — he talked about himself!

Well, not quite. As Ferrara said, he talked about the Knicks: “After saying hello, the first thing he wanted to talk about was winning. He told me the Knicks were doing well, but we needed [to win]. As a lifelong Knicks fan, it was music to my ears to hear him talking about winning.”

Seemingly every word out of Porzingis’ mouth has been music to Knicks fans’ ears, so there’s no reason it should stop now. Still, we can’t help wondering if he missed an opportunity to pump Turtle for info about a potential sequel to the Entourage movie.