Stephen Curry Wins Three-Point Shootout For The Ages With Epic Final Round Performance

NEW YORK – We recently called the 2015 Three-Point Shootout field the greatest in contest history. Let’s just say it lived up to the hype. The Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry was crowned champion of the star-studded event after beating teammate Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving by scoring 27 points in the championship round – a feat that included a mesmerizing 13 consecutive makes.

Curry, Thompson, and Irving made the final round of shooting after going for 23, 23, and 24 points respectively in a completely gratifying opening one. James Harden was the only participant to notch a score of less than 17 – a number that would have fared well in a majority of the events of the past.

But not on Saturday with the Splash Brothers and 2013 Champion making treys fall like snow from the  the New York sky.

Irving and Thompson ran out of gas when it mattered most, but even their best wouldn’t have been enough. Curry simply wasn’t losing tonight. Watch below as basketball’s leading MVP candidate drains 13 straight three-pointers – four in-a-row on the middle rack, all five from the right wing, and the first four in the near corner as Barclays Center prepared to explode:

And here’s the video in real-time. Not even the palpable buzz heard here is a good indication of just how hyped the Barclays crowd was during Curry’s performance:

Nothing short of Zach LaVine actually making Andrew Wiggins faint could keep the Three-Point Shootout from being Saturday’s best event. Let’s just say we’re not surprised.

[Vine via VinnyViner] [Video via BamaTruckerRide]