Kyle Kuzma Sees LeBron James As Mentor For How To Aid His Hometown Of Flint

09.14.18 10 months ago

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Kyle Kuzma is part of a young Lakers core that is having the time of their lives. All last season and into the summer, he and teammate Lonzo Ball have made headlines for their mostly good-natured-young-people antics, which consist primarily of them teasing one another for their fashion sense, their funky-looking shooting form, or their questionable rhyme skills.

But now that LeBron James is in town, they’ll be expected to show some maturity. Despite the carefree persona he presents to the world, it appears Kuzma is already channeling his energy toward a cause that’s been of the highest importance to him for some time: Providing humanitarian aid to his hometown of Flint, Michigan.

The second-year forward is looking toward none other than his new teammate as a model for how to make an impact in his community, which is still going through a water crisis that has been in the public eyes for years with seemingly no end in sight.

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