Kyle Lowry Finds Amir Johnson For Big Alley-Oop To Open Game Against Heat

The Toronto Raptors need to get back on track before the playoffs start just a few weeks from today. If the team’s opening possession of its game against the Miami Heat on Friday is any indication, tonight might be the time Kyle Lowry and company finally stop “getting their asses kicked.”

Not a bad start. Toronto is a different team when Lowry creases the paint, whether or not he’s scoring, creating offensive rebounding opportunities, or throwing scooping lobs to Amir Johnson.

As much as the Raptors want this game, it’s the Heat that actually need it. Miami is hanging onto eighth-place in the Eastern Conference by a thread – the charging Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics are within a game and-a-half of its 29-35 record.

Toronto leads 19-10 late in the first quarter.