Report: The Lakers Are Interested In A Dennis Schröder Reunion If The Rockets Buy Him Out

The Los Angeles Lakers stood pat at the NBA trade deadline, as they failed to make any moves with an eye on improving their 26-30 record. Instead, their apparent hope is that they’ll be able to find someone(s) on the buyout market who can bolster their chances of making a run during the second half of the season, which both Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins find very funny.

The inherent issue with turning to the buyout market is twofold: One, it’s exceedingly rare that players who can legitimately help a team win games get bought out, and two, you’re banking on other teams to make decisions that are outside of your control. But despite that, L.A. is getting its ducks in a row, and according to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, one player who they hope to target is current Houston Rockets guard Dennis Schröder.

The Lakers explored the possibility of trading for Schröder at the trade deadline, as The Athletic’s Bill Oram reported. While there remains some division internally among the Lakers’ decision-makers regarding Schröder after his uncomfortable departure last summer, there is interest in bringing him back as a backup point guard, according to league sources.

Schröder was moved just before the deadline in the trade that saw Daniel Theis return to the Boston Celtics. Of course, Schröder joined the Celtics as a free agent this past summer after spending the previous year in L.A., where he may or may not have turned down an $84 million extension. As for whether or not he’ll become available, that is a different story.

Regardless, Schröder could help the Lakers as a backcourt option who knows the team’s system and has played with guys like LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the past. Time will tell, though, if a reunion comes to fruition.