Things Got Very Awkward When These Lakers Were Asked About Kobe Bryant

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Offseason acquisitions Roy HibbertLou Williams, and Brandon Bass swear they’re excited to be Los Angeles Lakers. The trio’s collective “response” to a single question during Wednesday’s introductory press conference, though, doesn’t exactly indicate they’re similarly enthusiastic about playing with a certain teammate.

This was the incredibly awkward exchange when the new Lakers were asked if they’d heard from Kobe Bryant since joining the purple-and-gold:

Reporter: Have any of you guys heard from Kobe? And if so, what did he say?

Hibbert: (eye-roll, subtle shake of the head)

Williams: (looks to Hibbert, then back to crowd as if struck by sudden deafness)

Bass: (glances down, notices that teammates won’t respond, lets a sly smile across his face)

So, have any of Los Angeles’ new players talked with Kobe? Given their audible silence, there’s no way to tell for certain. The answer, however, certainly seems to be on the faces of Hibbert, Williams, and Bass nonetheless.

Go Lakers!

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