Lamar Odom Knocked Out Aaron Carter In Round Two Of Another Celebrity Boxing Match

You’d be forgiven for not realizing that Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter were scheduled to fight this weekend, but in another celebrity boxing match on Friday night, Odom unsurprisingly handed it to the former pop singer.

NBA champion Odom has about a foot and 60 lbs. on Carter, and watching them in the ring together looked a little like a teenager training with Rocky Balboa. It will come as no surprise that Odom won the match by knockout, or that it took just two rounds.

The fight took place through an organization literally called “Celebrity Box” and could only be seen on Fite TV. Hardly anything about it felt real.

And if the involvement of Odom and Carter wasn’t enough of a draw, the fight organizers also got former mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell in the mix as a guest referee. If it all sounds a little WWE, that’s because it was, for better and worse.

While the Paul brothers seem to be actually committing themselves to trying to box, this fight was purely for show (and money), with Carter hardly looking up for it and Odom owning him pretty thoroughly. Considering it only took a couple left hooks for Odom to knock Carter down, there wasn’t much competition happening in this ring.