LaMarcus Aldridge Totally Surprised A Young Spurs Fan Playing Pickup In The Park

LaMarcus Aldridge made a kid’s day by surprising him at a basketball court and posing for a picture. At least, I assume the kid’s day was made. He didn’t go too crazy. Maybe he was just trying to play it cool. Aldridge does say that he has next, so if that kid has to defend his turf, there’s no time for pleasantries.

Please watch the video until the end, because it’s unintentionally hilarious. I assume someone’s dad is trying to take a picture of Aldridge and the kid, but just before he snaps it, he asks for another kid to come over and join the picture. But the kid is shooting around and not paying attention, so the dad gets slightly more angry with each request until the video cuts off mid-yell.

Hopefully Andrew got into the picture and the possible dad didn’t blow a gasket over it.