LaMelo And LiAngelo Ball Went Scoreless In Their Second Lithuanian Game

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The Ball family had a big Lithuanian debut, throwing down dunks and generally making it seem like the grand experiment that is overseas basketball for the Big Baller Brand clan will be a huge success.

But the second game LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball played for BC Vytautas was a Lithuanian Pro League game, and the competition was clearly more intense. Neither Ball brother scored for Vytautas on Satuday against a much bigger Lietkabeli squad. LiAngelo played nine minutes on Saturday, while LaMelo played just five in a 95-86 loss.

Overtime has highlights from their second game, which was clearly a disappointment for the Balls. The fanfare was certainly there, though. Here’s an opponent taking a picture of LaMelo on the court before the game started.

Once the game did start, however, the Balls were few and far between. Maybe next time LaMelo should pull up and hit this shot before the buzzer goes off so it actually counts.

As for LiAngelo, he needs to keep his feet in bounds for shots like this to count, too.

The full highlights, including a dancing lobster mascot, can be found here. There’s a lot of ambiance and warmup action there, which indicates that the Balls might not have played a whole lot in this one. That’s understandable, though probably not something that LaVar Ball will be thrilled about.


At one point, the camera gets near LaVar, who says his sons should be played together to make the team faster.

“Too slow. Gotta be faster,” Ball told the camera. “Tell me what’s better: one Ball or two Balls? Gotta play two Balls together.”

That’s not exactly a roasting of a coach like he’s done with Luke Walton, but it’s certainly a criticism of the coach pretty early on here. I’m sure things will be fine for both Balls, though. The Big Baller Challenge is young.