Hall-Of-Famer Larry Brown Is Reportedly Mulling A High School Coaching Job

Larry Brown is known for two things.

First off, he’s been a very successful basketball coach. He’s won titles in the NBA and in college. He’s in the Basketball Hall of Fame, after all. Secondly, he doesn’t stick around very long anywhere. He’s been a head coach at 13 different places. Often, he will just suddenly up and quit, and, in college, will leave violations in his wake.

As such, Brown’s reputation has been on the wane in recent years. He’s 76 now, and his most recent job was at SMU where, yes, he ran into problems with the NCAA before resigning. Where do you go from there if you are Larry Brown? Apparently, a high school.

Yes, Brown, who coached at UCLA and Kansas before guiding the Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals in the early 2000s, has apparently inquired about the varsity job at East Hampton High on Long Island. It seems almost impossible he wouldn’t get the job if he wants it. Most high schools don’t get the chance to hire a Hall of Famer.

If Brown does take this job, it would feel almost like a working retirement. There has to be some college somewhere that would take him, right? The only problem for Hampton High would be having to hire somebody in two or three years when Brown leaves the team. Also, you can rack up recruiting violations in high school, right? Brown may be about to find out.