Larry Brown Could Be A Celtic; What It Would Take To Bring Back Basketball In Seattle

Word has it Larry Brown‘s on the prowl for a new gig. The latest news had him heading to Beantown for an assistant coaching gig pending Lawrence Frank‘s departure to Detroit. It’s odd to picture the former head coach of 30+ years as the next in command. We guess he’s gotta shake that commandeering bug somehow without taking on the brunt of the responsibilities for a change. He’ll be 71 this September anyway so the assessment is at least believable. Plus it’s not like Boston can’t benefit from his experience. Larry Brown’s Hall of Fame coaching career has been…unique. He got championship hardware in ’88 with the Jayhawks and in ’04 with the Pistons. He’s garnered Coach of the Year honors in the NCAA and NBA. Moreover, many forget the Pistons could’ve won back-to-back in ’05 if not for Robert Horry‘s onslaught in Game 5. Brown’s also currently sixth all-time in total NBA wins and is the only NBA coach to lead eight different teams to the playoffs. The journeyman skipper’s track record isn’t without faults. His high points are marred by fallouts with the Pacers, Sixers, Knicks and Bobcats to name a few. However, when putting things in context, he changed three of the aforementioned clubs’ cultures (i.e. not the Knicks) and led Philly to an NBA Finals appearance. So, all things considered, where would you place Larry Brown in the lexicon of NBA and NCAA coaches? … Also, give credit to TBJ for noticing Acie Law‘s Latrell Sprewell-esque quote yesterday. Law stated to ESPN, “I understand why a lot of guys are considering overseas. I’m considering some options overseas. These are our livelihoods. This is how we feed our families, and guys want to play. If they’re not going to negotiate a deal, life goes on. Bills still coming in, we still have to provide for our families, so hopefully they get something worked out.” Don’t worry. We’re not outraged by his words and we doubt he intentionally plugged in Sprewell’s infamous line. It’s just funny to see it unexpectedly spring up … Was this the best summer battle you’ve seen? Everyone in Baltimore seems to think so … Seattle native Spencer Hawes got Sonics fever over the weekend as a player in Seattle’s H206 Basketball Classic. You’d think the Philly center pulled all the stops by getting the iconic space needle shaved into his head but it didn’t stop there. Hawes cheered on the Key Arena faithful to the tune of “Come home, Sonics! Come home, Sonics!” We, weirdly enough, watched Sonicsgate a few weeks prior to the Classic and found its stance informative if a tad fanatical. It’s been three years since Clay Bennett and his cronies uprooted the 40-year mainstays from their home to Oklahoma City. The Thunder have since thrived and have a bright future ahead of them. Meanwhile, on top of building a new arena, the flick suggested Seattle’s most likely chance at getting another basketball team involves seizing another financially challenged franchise, namely Sacramento or N.O. to name a couple. The following question is open to everyone but places emphasis on long-time Sonics supporters. Would you buy another team’s ball club to revive the Seattle Supersonics? The NBA still feels odd without the Green, White and Yellow in tow. Yet potential owners, local politicians and citizens will be charged with relocating another franchise with their own history and fan base endemic to their hometown. The old “two wrongs don’t make a right” adage fits here but right and wrong rarely count for much in business, as seen in the proceedings leading to the Sonics departure … J.J. Barea and Carlos Arroyo signed some kicks for us. Now you can have them for free … We’re out like the NFL lockout.

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