Larry King Thinks Kevin Durant May Be Upset He Isn’t On The Wizards For Some Reason

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Larry King thinks Kevin Durant is jealous of the Washington Wizards.

The amazing thing about the English language and this crazy world in which we reside is that sentences like that are new and unusual and not at all incorrect. King tweeted about Durant on Wednesday, reminding his 2.8 million followers that the All-Star shunned his hometown Wizards when he hit free agency last summer.

Now first of all, the logic is a bit off here. Given that Durant joined the Golden State Warriors and they have the best record in the league, I don’t think he’s looking at Washington’s 41-24 with envy, even if it’s the second best record in the East.

If King read this site, however, he’d already know that Durant had no interest in playing for the Wizards. There were no hard feelings—he just didn’t want to play that close to home.

Then again if you asked Durant he’d be happy to be playing for anyone right now. The 6’9 superstar is still on the shelf after a knee injury. Durant spoke to reporters on Saturday but won’t be playing for at least another fortnight.

Whether Durant has second thoughts or not, what a strange tweet. It got fired out by King between an interview with Master Chief Jr. judge Christina Tosi and Harvey Mackay, so it’s not really part of one of his famous tweet storms. Good to see King is still getting some variety in his life, even if the takes are bad. I think this response is both topical and accurate.

Here’s a thought: Kevin Durant AND the Washington Wizards are doing fine. They’re probably very happy with things the way they are.