LeBron’s Agent Broke Down The Rationale For All Three Free Agency Decisions

07.12.18 10 months ago

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The NBA world went into the offseason bracing for what promised to be a blockbuster summer. LeBron James was set to hit free agency for the third time in his career, and history has shown that each of those previous decisions has caused a seismic shift in the NBA landscape with long and far-reaching implications.

There’d been so much hype and anticipation leading up to free agency this summer that it was almost anti-climactic when he and his team announced relatively quickly, and without much fanfare, that he would be joining the Lakers on a long-term deal.

It had a very different feel from years past, and that’s at least partially because LeBron is older and more reflective now, less prone to embrace the media extravaganzas that have accompanied his every move in the past.

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