Why The Woman LeBron James ‘Liked’ On Instagram Should Still Stay In School

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All it took was a simple like on Instagram. That’s all Josett Latrice needed to rethink her career goals. It was a very significant like from a very significant man: LeBron James.

Latrice paid for a site called “Perfect Booties” to post a picture of her in sunglasses and leggings. It caught the attention of the King, who expressed his admiration by liking the photo — a move at odds with his pledge to stay off social media during the playoffs.

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After seeing LeBron liked the photo, Latrice might now be leaving veterinary school to pursue a career in modeling. TMZ Sports reports why Josett Latrice owes her decision to not only to James, but a higher power than even the four-time MVP:

“It makes me feel awesome…I LOVE the fact he liked my picture.”

Josett has been studying to be a veterinarian — but says now that she’s got Bron’s stamp of approval, she’s considering taking serious steps to focus on modeling instead.

“It’s definitely a sign from God.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant and Jay Z — all individuals who forswore a college degree to follow their dreams, and now Josett Latrice might decide to do the same. But Josett isn’t a computer genius who got into Harvard, or a tyrannical computer and business genius who got into Harvard, or one of the best high school basketball players in the country, or a talented emcee and entrepreneur from Brooklyn looking for a way out slinging drugs in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Maybe she has what it takes to model for a living, but a degree from an accredited veterinarian school is a lot more likely to help her achieve success in life than an attempt at modeling based off a “sign from God,” that was really just a famous basketball player making a hypocritical decision to life her picture on Instagram.

The Lord might work “in mysterious ways,” but the real world doesn’t. Latrice’s chances to make a living in the incredibly competitive modeling world are almost zero, regardless of James’ “like.” If English Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Winter had liked the photo, maybe she should give it a shot. But LeBron’s a basketball heavyweight who liked a woman’s butt. It’s not much more than that. Minor Internet fame doesn’t last long.

But a degree will open up so many more avenues for employment and success in life. We implore Josett to stay in school. If, after graduating, she still feels the itch to model full-time, then she has plenty of time to try, but at least she’ll have a degree to fall back on.

(TMZ Sports; H/T Daily Mail)

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