Kevin Love Is Also Dying To See Who LeBron James Would Pick On His All-Star Team

10.04.17 5 months ago

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The NBA All-Star Game has ranged from barely-watchable to kind-of-fun over the last several years, putting it in the same category with just about any other All-Star Game. Thankfully, the NBA announced a few dramatic All-Star Game changes on Tuesday, with the most notable being the addition of captains and a draft for the East and West. The leading vote-getter in each conference will captain their conferences squad, and will then be tasked with drafting their teams from the available player pool of All-Stars. This means you could see LeBron James play on the same All-Star team as Stephen Curry, for example.

It’s an exciting announcement because the NBA All-Star Game needed to do something. It’s too early to tell if this will improve the on-court product, but it’ll certainly create more buzz and intrigue leading up to the event. If you get the right captains, and force, say, LeBron James to pick between Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry, though, it’s going to be must-see TV.

In fact, one Cleveland Cavaliers reported proposed that exact question to Kevin Love.

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