LeBron James Welcomed Andre Drummond To His All-Star Team By Interrupting An Interview

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For most NBA teams with playoff aspirations, losing eight consecutive games would be a headline story. For the Detroit Pistons right now, though, it seems like background noise, as the team pulled off a blockbuster trade to acquire Blake Griffin and managed to land an extra individual nod for Andre Drummond one day later.

It was announced on Tuesday evening that Drummond would replace John Wall in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game and, while not everyone was thrilled with that selection, LeBron James expressed his happiness in an interesting way. In a twist of fate, the Pistons and Cavaliers were set to square off and, while Drummond was visiting with the television crew before tip-off, James intervened.

James is, of course, the captain of the team that Drummond will be joining, even if the game itself is not following the traditional format of pitting the East against the West. In some ways, Drummond would not be a wildly entertaining All-Star player given his penchant for rebounding and interior play but the still-young big man does bring athleticism and burst to the table and, well, somebody has to rebound all of the errant shots that flow during the exhibition.

It remains to be seen as to how Team LeBron will fare against Team Steph in mid-February but the newest member of the squad was welcomed with open arms by his captain.