‘Wins’ Are The Only ‘Currency’ To LeBron James In This New ‘Beats By Dre’ Spot

LeBron James is the first player since Bill Russell to lead his team to five straight NBA Final appearances. The white noise comparing LeBron to MJ and Kobe, and has all sorts of former and current players offering a public take, is just background music to the players. For fans and analysts it’s terrific and misleading and amazing and infuriating all rolled into one.

Regardless of where LeBron falls on your personal G.O.A.T. spectrum, one that keeps shifting as the writers and media personnel get younger and more #click-y, he’s at least earned a place in the discussion. That’s what happens when you lead another team — this time with a whole new (old) Knicks supporting cast — to the NBA Finals for the fifth straight year.

And LeBron might not make the most money in the NBA, but he makes the most off the court, like with this new Beats By DRE ad showing a relaxing James in repose by the window, then dressing to go out. The Cavs superstar doesn’t have any financial benchmarks to pass, except MJ’s billionaire’s club, which no NBA player is joining any time soon.*

So what’s the only thing that matters? Why does he “deserve the best?” What’s his only “currency” after achieving every other goal in his life?


Wins. That’s not a smug smile, either. Well, maybe a little, but the guy’s earned it.

We’ll see if he’s got four more wins in him this year.

*The fact LeBron James might not become a billionaire in his lifetime is a travesty no one will ever care about, even — we think — James himself. But it’s still a travesty.

(via Beats by Dre)

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