These Are LeBron’s All-Time Best Playoff Performances, Ranked

04.20.17 10 months ago

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Even for his most ardent detractors, it’s difficult to talk about LeBron James and his career without lapsing into outright obsequiousness. He’s been to six straight Finals and has three championships to show for it, and along the way he’s logged some of the most dominant individual performances in league history.

Even before he started his remarkable run with the Big 3 Heat, he somehow managed to carry haphazardly-constructed Cavaliers teams to deep postseason runs, and in fact, some of his best playoff games happened during his pre-Miami days. Whether it was his play against the Pistons or those epic Wizards series in his first Cleveland run, those duels against the Spurs when LeBron was going full Flying Death Machine (shoutout Matt Moore) with the Heatles, or any of those games against The Warriors following The Return, LeBron has consistently delivered.

Today, we take a look back at some of those games that have made him one of the best postseason performers the NBA has ever seen.

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