LeBron James Killed The Bucks With A Late-Game Three, Proving Yet Again That He’s Still The King

One of the most remarkable facets of LeBron James being the consensus best player in the NBA is how he’s able to be so dominant, so undeniable with what most agree has been a below-average jump shot the past few years. He’s able to impose his physical will so consistently and pass so intelligently that the lack of an outside game rarely matters towards the end result. But when he has the deep range working, it’s a whole new level of impossible, as he showed last night with this dagger from way behind the arc to put the Milwaukee Bucks away in overtime.

LeBron, who last year shot only 30.9 perent from deep, the lowest mark since his rookie season, went 5-9 from beyond the arc on Tuesday night’s game, bringing him up to a healthier 36.8 percent for this season. It’s a mark just good enough to keep defenses honest, which is the last thing they want to be when guarding him. The final three wasn’t the only extra-deep one he jacked on the evening, either — Cleveland.com estimates his final three three-pointers covered a total of 92 feet.

LeBron also passed Moses Malone for eighth on the all-time scoring list with his first basket on the night, a special moment to associate LeBron with the man whom he called “Uncle Mo” until his passing last year. But amidst the win, the breakout from deep, and the milestone, LeBron did have a moment to get taken down a peg, when he got posterized by rookie Malcolm Brogdon. He’ll probably be all right, though.