LeBron James Will Indeed Arrive In Full Cubs Uniform For Friday’s Bulls Game

12.01.16 1 year ago


LeBron James and Dwyane Wade aren’t teammates any more, but they’re still close friends, which means they’re liable to get competitive and trash talk one another about any number of things. With the teams from each star’s respective hometowns meeting in this year’s World Series, it was unsurprising that LeBron and D-Wade would place a friendly wager on proceedings, and equally predictable that Wade would delight in holding James to it.

LeBron’s Cavs play Wade’s Bulls in Chicago on Friday night, which means it’s time for James to pay up. In this case, it means showing up to the game in a full Cubs uniform, which LeBron has confirmed he will do.

“I’m not wearing cleats,” James said Thursday after the Cavs’ morning shoot-around. “I got a basketball game to play. No glove. Just the uniform. I will be in uniform.”

LeBron grew up a Yankees fan, but as was detailed in Lee Jenkins’ profile of him, he’s come to identify more and more with Cleveland as he’s grown older, and that includes pulling for the city’s teams. Apologies for the long quote; you should seriously give that article a read.

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