LeBron Had One Simple Rule At An ESPYs After Party, Dance Or ‘Get The F*ck Out’

LeBron James had a fun night at the ESPYs on Wednesday, and like most of those in attendance, there were a ton of parties to hit when the awards show ended. The 2016 Finals MVP appears to have had a rollicking good time during the Uninterrupted party at Le Jardin that went into the early-morning hours of Thursday.

In fact, Kendrick Lamar performed, so you know it was getting wild.

But, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been to one of these parties, people weren’t so keen to show their stuff on the dance floor. There’s a sheen of discomfort at these events as everyone’s looking around trying to be as cool as possible. That’s what happens when you throw athletes and actors together, all the hangers-on in their orbit get taken for the ride, and they don’t wanna look foolish dancing. God forbid they get laughed at for whatever gyrations they’re doing to the beat.

Well, eventually, LeBron had enough.

TMZ has video of James imploring the crowd to dance, too, but he was pretty explicit in that complaint:

“If you not dancing, shaking your ass or having a good time … there’s an exit sign right there!

“So if ya’ll not dancing having a good time shaking your ass … ya’ll got to go man.”

Amazing. This should be the rule for every single after-party, doubly so if Kendrick Lamar is gracing the mic. To be perfectly honest, we’re dancing right now.

Note to all the people in attendance at these types of parties moving forward (especially those at NBA All-Star parties): you should dance. It’s healthy and harmless and you’ll feel more alive when you do. And if someone starts giving you a hard time because you aren’t a great dancer, that just means they’re too lily-livered to get down themselves.

Now shake it.