LeBron James Goes Off In A Fourth Quarter; The Knicks Leave Their Soul In Indiana

04.04.12 6 years ago
LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

Three hours before tip off, Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena was empty save for one cat and an assistant coach going through shooting drills. LeBron James wanted to be ready for Philly, and why not? He owns them, and as a team the Heat have the Sixers’ number, winning the last 11 times the two teams have matched up. So it really shouldn’t have been surprising to see ‘Bron go for 14 consecutive points in the fourth quarter of Miami’s 99-93 win. James looked dare we say comfortable without Dwyane Wade, running screen-n-rolls every time down, and pulling up for jumpers off the right side. The one time Evan Turner (who was balling… 26 points, eight rebounds) shut off his pursuit of a bucket, James (41 points) passed it off and went backdoor for a game-clinching lob from Mario ChalmersAndre Iguodala left at one point to deal with an apparent eye injury, but before that he had three Earth-shaking dunks that we felt all the way up the East Coast … Need another crazy stat? The Heat have won 16 consecutive games at home. We feel bad for whoever gets that No. 7 seed in the East … Andrea Bargnani scored 30 last night in Toronto’s 92-87 dumping of the Bobcats. Charlotte might’ve lost by backup big man Byron Mullens put in work, going for 20 points and 14 rebounds. We hate to keep bringing this up, but isn’t this one of the cats that would get “destroyed” if Charlotte was to play Kentucky? Yeah okay, he just had 20 and 14 in an NBA game. He must not be very good … “How did that happen?” The announcers wanted to know. The Grizzlies somehow came from 12 down to win one of those games where they played like they had just had a full-course Thanksgiving meal. No enthusiasm. No energy. They had Jerome James-itis until a 13-0 run in the fourth changed everything. Behind O.J. Mayo‘s 19 and Mike Conley‘s 18, the Grizz won 98-92 over Golden State to push themselves another win closer to the playoffs … Gilbert Arenas didn’t miss a shot, and had 10 points for what seriously might’ve been his best game since before Gungate … Phoenix jumped back over .500 with a nine-point win in Sacramento. Marcin Gortat did damage with 20 and 10, and Steve Nash put the rumors about his back to sleep with 18 points … DeMarcus Cousins had his way with everyone, finishing with 41 points and 12 boards … Kobe Bryant didn’t have a killer night (24 points), but he made a crazy triple to ice a win without Andrew Bynum against the Nets, 91-87 … Keep reading to hear about the epic New York collapse …

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