LeBron James Said Goodbye To His Blue Check On Twitter Because ‘I Ain’t Paying’

Because he has been famous for several decades and is one of the most prominent professional athletes of all time, most of us have learned things about LeBron James that have nothing to do with his ability to be good at basketball. One of those things is that, despite his remarkable wealth from both his playing career and his myriad of business ventures, James is one of the cheapest people in the world. Here’s a clip of Dwyane Wade roasting him for that:

It is extremely funny that James does not push back against this in any way, shape, or form, going as far as to make up the phrase “falsely true” in an effort to confirm that Wade is right. And on Friday afternoon, James hopped onto his Twitter account and leaned into the bit, with the subject being his blue check on the website. James is one of numerous folks who is verified on the website and will lose his check on Saturday due to some changes Elon Musk is making in an effort to make the site profitable.

James could, of course, spend some cash on Twitter Blue to keep that check, but that would require forking over cash, and he isn’t into doing that.

The only thing that needs to be corrected is that Twitter Blue costs $8 a month, which, if James isn’t willing to spend $5, he sure as hell is not paying $8.