LeBron James: I Can Be a 90/50/40 Player If I Want To

Would you doubt LeBron James if he set a statistical goal and went after it? [Judging by the negative reaction to this by thousands of people, maybe you don’t think of LeBron as highly as we do…]

A few minutes ago at Miami Heat media availability, James said he thinks he could mirror the super-efficient offensive season that was just put together by Kevin Durant if he wanted to.

From Chris Tomasson, a Fox Sports/NBA writer who covers the Heat:

LeBron’s quote: “I can achieve anything if I just make it a goal of mine. I never made it a goal of mine. If I decided to do it, I can make it happen.”

If there’s anyone who can do it not just once, but for multiple seasons, it’s LeBron. The big issue seems to be his FT%. He’s just a 75% free throw shooter for his career…

Do you agree?

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