LeBron James On The Sixers: ‘Everyone Wants Instant Oatmeal, But It’s Always A Process’

11.02.15 3 years ago 23 Comments
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The Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to Philadelphia Monday to play the 76ers, and when reporters asked LeBron James to comment on the seemingly everlasting rebuilding effort going on in the City of Brotherly Love, he went ahead and opted for an old-fashion, healthy-breakfast metaphor to help explain the situation. Via Rich Hofmann of The Philly Voice:

“It’s all a process,” James told reporters. “Everyone wants instant oatmeal, but it’s always a process. You got to put the time in, you got to build things from the ground up, and if they’re serious about making a change, then it’ll happen. Hopefully it’ll happen when I’m done, though.”

Given the King’s attention to diet and transforming his physique over the past couple of seasons in an effort to extend his playing career, it’s no wonder he turns to a nutritious bowl of piping-hot breakfast cereal to kickstart his day. But for the rest of us — especially those of us forced by our parents to sit staring into the gelatinous void of that indecipherable slop until we could muster the courage to choke down a few gag-inducing spoonfuls before we could get on with the rest of our day — it’s something we could happily live the rest of our lives without.

Far from “everyone,” we know very few people who actually enjoy instant oatmeal, one of whom being this magazine’s managing editor, which makes sense given his interminable work schedule.

But to use a different metaphor to describe exactly what’s going on in Philadelphia, general manager Sam Hinkie is much more Ahab-like in his eccentric, myopic pursuit of the white whale that is NBA success, unilaterally steering the Sixers’ Pequod further and further away from shore and quite possibly right into oblivion. If only it were as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast.

(Via The Philly Voice)

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