10-Year-Old LeBron James, Jr. Is Already Dropping Dimes And Crossing Defenders Like His Dad

02.23.15 5 years ago 7 Comments

Position-less basketball is real. Centers run offense, guards post up, and forwards defend all five positions. It doesn’t matter whether or not LeBron James is a point guard, basically, because he certainly plays the role of one. Still, make sure you don’t definitively label The King as such – that will anger the rabid masses.

His 10 year-old son, though? As the video above makes clear, LeBron James, Jr. is a true floor general.

The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree: “Bronny” skips ahead, makes the extra pass, and crosses defenders like his four-time MVP father. When was the last time we saw Sr. get on the floor for a loose ball with the aplomb of Jr., though? Take notes, LeBron.

Not that James seemed concerned about his son showing him up:


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