LeBron James On The Lakers Roster: ‘We’re Not A Team That’s Constructed Of Great Shooting’

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled mightily to hit shots in their 123-109 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. Particularly, Los Angeles went 10-for-40 from behind the three-point line, with LeBron James (3-for-11) and Kendrick Nunn (3-for-6) connecting on more than one triple. Despite getting a number of good looks, the Lakers just could not punish the defending champions.

This probably should not be a huge surprise, as the team’s roster doesn’t exactly have a ton of guys who are known for their ability to consistently hit threes even though conventional wisdom says those are the sorts of dudes you want alongside James. And after the game, the former league MVP discussed how the Lakers are assembled, and bluntly stated that shooting is not one of their strengths.

“I think we’re getting great looks, I think it also could be teams giving us great looks,” James said. “To be completely honest, we’re not a team that’s constructed of great shooting, and that’s just what the truth of the matter is. It’s not like we’re sitting here with a lot of lasers on our team, but that doesn’t deter us from still trying to get great shots. When you get those opportunities, you take them, but we’re not sitting here with a bunch of 40-plus career three-point shooting guys.”

Last season, the Lakers connected on 34.7 percent of their attempts from behind the three-point line, the 22nd-best mark in the league.