LeBron James Took To Instagram To Give A First Look At The Upcoming LeBron 15s

Getty Image

While the rest of the sports world was watching the Patriots look old and busted, LeBron James slipped onto Instagram to debut his latest pair of kicks. James capped an interesting day for Cavs fans by posting about the LeBron 15s on his Instagram, introducing a new “ghost” colorway that features a bunch of tan/sand accents on the Nike shoe.

While the reaction to the shoe was mixed in the tough-to-please Instagram comment section, James was definitely excited about dropping a first look at the shoe online.

“O My Goodness,” James said on Instagram, with the hashtags #LeBron15 and #GhostColorway included in the post. “I’m overly excited about this moment right now in time! More to come soon.”

No official release date or specs about the shoe was released by Nike just yet, but it certainly is an interesting looking, albeit a bit underwhelming, colorway. One interesting note: There is no apparent Nike swoosh on these in the picture James shared on Thursday night.

The shoe is the last piece in a very active September day for the Cavaliers. They introduced their newest point guard, Isaiah Thomas, on Thursday, and though the former Celtic may not play for the Cavs for a while, Thomas says he’s excited to play with LeBron whenever he can get back on the court. Whether James will be sporting 15s or another new shoe at that point, however, is anyone’s guess.