LeBron James Loved Marshawn Lynch’s Sideline Dancing Like Everyone Else

Getty Image

Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL has been one of the most intriguing story of the 2017 season. Lynch took a year off from football and has come back and looked for all the world like the same dominant power back he was in Seattle, but is doing it for his hometown Raiders.

Lynch’s return to the field is great because it also gives us more chances to listen to Lynch talk — or, do his best not to talk, depending on the subject or how he feels that day — and offers more chances to see him doing goofy stuff and not just in Skittles commercials.

On Sunday, Lynch rushed for 45 yards on 12 carries, including a touchdown, in a solid performance as the Raiders thumped the Jets 45-20. There wasn’t an awful lot of tension on the Oakland sidelines as they cruised to the win, and Lynch was feeling so loose in the fourth quarter that he broke out some killer dance moves on the sidelines.

This delighted everyone watching and on Twitter as the video made the rounds, and eventually LeBron James saw it and had to share it on his Instagram, saying that he (like so many) loves Marshawn.

Lynch’s dance moves delighted the King and pretty much everyone else, except for the Jets, who had to watch their opponents spend the entire fourth quarter laughing and having fun because they were ahead by 32 (eventually only 25!).