LeBron James No-Show During Player Intros in Cleveland is Inexcusable

03.30.11 7 years ago 39 Comments

Last night in his second return to Cleveland, LeBron James was a no-show during pre-game intros. When pressed afterwards, he said he was “in the bathroom” when starting lineups were announced.

Some people see the no-show as no big deal. I have a huge problem with this though and here’s why:

Unless there really was an emergency bathroom situation (and it would had to have been truly serious), this move sends so many poor messages. It shows a level of immaturity and a thinner skin than I ever thought James had – because he knew they were going to boo, he didn’t want to give the Cleveland fans the satisfaction of him having to stand there and take it? Or he was still so pissed at the “garage” incident, his protest was not coming out for intros?

Above all, I think the part that bothers me the most about this is that he let his teammates take the abuse. Guys like Dwyane Wade have to sit there and take the heat meant for James while LeBron hangs out in the locker room? Taking venom that was likely only made worse when fans realized that James was in hiding? Not cool and not what leaders do. You can’t call yourself “The King” and accept the constant adulation that comes with being an NBA superstar and then turn around pull moves like this because people are going to boo you.

Maybe I’m overreacting (Kevin McHale and C-Webb clearly think it’s hilarious), but if I’m one of LeBron’s teammates, I would be pretty disappointed.

Do you think LeBron’s no-show is a big deal?

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