LeBron Snapped Back At A ‘Smart’ Reporter For A Silly Question After The Cavs’ Game 2 Loss

06.04.17 11 months ago 7 Comments


From private flights to free sneakers to the multi-million dollar salaries, there are a myriad number of perks associated with being an NBA player. There are also some drawbacks, however, like having to deal with tough questions immediately after a disheartening loss.

Players usually handle the postgame interview session with grace and patience, since it is after all, part of their job. But sometimes, when a reporter asks a well-intentioned but poory phrased question, players let their frustrations get the best of them and snap back. That seemed to be the case with LeBron James after Cleveland’s 132-113 Game 2 loss on Sunday.

Despite recording a triple-double and doing literally everything he could to will his team to victory, the Cavs lost to the Warriors yet again in the Finals and are now facing a daunting 0-2 hole. James was asked about Cleveland’s 0-2 deficit and if the Cavs needed to now defend home court to get back in the series. The answer is obviously yes but the Cavs All-Star thought about the question for a second and then offered up his own witty retort of a question as an answer.

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