LeBron’s Trash Talk Game Is On Another Level When He Plays Uno With Chris Paul

Chris Paul, LeBron James
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If you played the card game Uno with your parents, siblings, and friends all the time when you were a kid, you’ll be happy to know that it appears to be back and in a major way among NBA players. First, The New York Times profiled an intense, team-wide Uno competition for the Atlanta Hawks back in January. And now, none other than LeBron James and Chris Paul are getting in on the action.

LeBron was all over Instagram on Saturday with story videos of himself, CP3, and their wives playing hands of the card game while talking the same kind of trash one has to assume he throws at his opponents on the basketball court.

Paul, for his part, wasn’t having it. You can hear him in the background trying to point out to anyone who would listen that LeBron had just lost two games. Yeah, good luck getting anyone to believe you over LeBron, Chris.

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And while we’re here, those snacks in CP3’s photo look tasty, don’t they? Gotta make sure you’re nice and fed if you want to have the energy to take on LeBron James at Uno.

Time will tell whether or not a couple of NBA superstars can truly bring Uno back and get it in the mainstream. If one of these days a story breaks about a couple of teammates getting in a fight on a plane en route to the next stop on their road trip, we’ll know that Uno is truly back.

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