LeBron James’ Instagram Photo With Tristan Thompson Sends A Clear Message To The Cavs

LeBron James has mostly stayed in the background during the stalled, strained talks between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson. He’s made it known that he wants Thompson back, saying that re-signing him is the team’s number one objective earlier in the summer, but he had yet to really put any public pressure on the Cavaliers. That all changed when LeBron posted a photo with him and Thompson, with a message that left absolutely no room for ambiguity or interpretation.

The Cavaliers recently took down all mentions and pictures of Thompson throughout the arena and store – something they had to do, per league rules. Whether that was the impetus behind James’ picture, one can’t say, but it probably didn’t help matters at all. The familial aspect of basketball has always been very important to James, so the absence of someone he calls his “brother” must frustrate him. This saga has been full of interesting twists and turns, with LeBron’s photo acting as the latest. Will he continue to put public pressure on the Cavs until a deal is reached, or is this the only message he’ll send, not wanting to create a distraction for the rest of the team? Either way, James has let it known that he’s fed up with the snail-like progress of the negotiations.

Now it’s on the Cavs to hash something out, or risk endangering their relationship with LeBron, who can again opt out of his deal next summer.