When LeBron James Complains To The NBA On Twitter, It Gets Fixed Quickly

10.07.16 2 years ago 2 Comments


It doesn’t take a genius to realize this, but LeBron James is not like you or me. When we play basketball, we get psyched if we can make two 3-pointers over a 10-minute period. When LeBron plays, well, you know. But his special-ness extends beyond the basketball court!

When we have a problem with an app, we either have to grit our teeth and bear it, or at most blast out something salty on social media. So did LeBron, when confronted with the new, crappy version of the NBA Gametime App.

His gripe is a legitimate one — when scrolling down in a box score, the categories don’t stay on the page, meaning you just get a bunch of numbers in a row with no context and it falls to you to remember which order they go in. That’s frustrating! Luckily, because he’s LeBron and he has millions of followers, when he complains it immediately becomes a PR disaster — especially because he’s on the damn commercial for the app:

So, your signature star isn’t happy with your base product. You better do something about this, NBA. Oh, word?

Thank you LeBron, for you are truly the people’s champion. Now, if you could say something about getting HD streams for NBA League Pass, you’d really have our undying gratitude.

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