Go Inside LeBron James’ World With This New Facebook 360 Documentary

LeBron James never takes the game for granted. He was born with god-given talent, but works his ass off every single day – and not just when the public is watching or the bright lights are on. He would never cheat the game.

Or at least that’s what the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar says in the first tease of workout documentary “Striving For Greatness: An UNINTERRUPTED Original.” And after watching the video, hearing the conviction in his voice, and learning that he broke his game “down to the basics” this summer, it’s certainly easy to take James at his word.

There’s a workout clip in the segment of the four-time MVP quickly dribbling between his legs from left to right before launching a lefty floater. That’s a tricky shot, but one he obviously expects to make. What’s James’ response when his attempt caroms off the rim? “God damnit!” he screams, and briskly turns around to try and correct his mistake.

LeBron has never been shy about affording the outside world access to his life. He’s a frequent and engaging member of social media, boasts more endorsement deals than any other professional athlete in the country, and began providing a unique lens into his life early last summer when Bleacher Report’s UNINTERRUPTED originally debuted.

But with his new documentary series, James is taking us where we’ve never gone before by utilizing Facebook 360, a feature that allows viewers to watch video from whatever vantage point they choose. The most innovative, versatile video service for the world’s most innovative, versatile basketball player? It’s a match made in heaven.

The full-length version of “Striving For Greatness” will be made available this November via Facebook in five separate episodes.

[h/t cleveland.com]

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