LeBron, Lil Wayne & More Cameo In Beats By Dre “The Game Before The Game” Ad

Every athlete prepares for the big game in their own unique way. That’s the theme behind the new Beats By Dre spot: “The Game Before the Game.” The commercial highlights various soccer players, celebrities and fans as they prepare for their big moment. LeBron James cameos as do a number of other celebs and athletes.

Watch footballers make ready for the game. Neymar, Jr. calls his father for words of wisdom; Cesc Fabrigas kisses the ring his girlfriend gave him four times exactly; Luis Suarez kisses the tattoo of his son and daughter’s names on his wrist for love and good luck; Chicharito begins every game by praying on his knees, a ritual his father instilled in him as a young boy. The campaign also celebrates pre-game rituals from fans around the world.

Be sure to watch for the cameos by the aforementioned James, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, Rio Ferdinand, Sydney Leroux, Thierry Henry, Lil Wayne, Stuart Scott and more.

Check out the new Beats By Dre Solo2 Headphones worn in the commercial.

Beats will roll out several short form versions of this campaign with a series of television commercials in more than 9 countries and 5 different languages — each version highlighting the athletes and rituals authentic to the country in which it airs. The full-length version of the campaign premiered yesterday:

How do you prepare for the game?

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