A LeBron James Rookie Card Will Allegedly Sell For $200,000 At Auction

You used to hear about really expensive sports cards. Baseball cards and other trading cards would often be sold, or auctioned off, for quite a bit of cash. Granted, you do still hear about this occasionally, but it’s usually for a very old card, like a Honus Wagner baseball card. However, there is a trading card that is expected to be sold at auction for as much as $200,000, and it’s for a player who is still active.

That player is LeBron James.

Sure, LeBron is an all-time great basketball player, but how does a basketball card from 2003 become so valuable? Sports memorabilia expert Ken Goldin called it “the Holy Grail of modern trading cards.” There are less than two weeks left in the auction, and the bidding has already reached $65,000.

What makes this card so special is that it isn’t an ordinary basketball card, or even an ordinary rookie card. The card is autographed by James, and also features a patch of fabric with the NBA logo from a LeBron game-worn jersey. So yes, this isn’t “just” a basketball card, but it’s also “the most valuable LeBron James collector’s item out there,” even more valuable than an autographed, game-worn jersey.

If you want an incredibly rare basketball card, and you have a couple hundred grand to spend, you could have something very special: a trading card from after 2000 that is actually worth money.