LeBron Takes Down The MVP; The Mavs Pull Out A Shocker

01.30.12 7 years ago 86 Comments
If the Atlanta Hawks had been involved, they could’ve just called a re-do of the last minute. They really should’ve. Miami had an ugly missed shot and a turnover and were on the edge of falling behind for the first time all game. But Derrick Rose clanked two free throws, then got another chance after LeBron had clanked two freebies of his own, but was short on a floater. Forget the win/loss records, the Heat can hold the Eastern crown a little longer, 97-93. LeBron might’ve resorted to riding his bike to the arena, but his play was pure royalty yesterday (35 points, 11 rebounds), hitting pull-up jumpers at will in the second half and putting down one of the most unbelievable alley-oops we’ve seen. Rose (34 points) countered from the other side with some Houdini floaters. Seriously, on some of those shots, they should’ve awarded him five points. Nevertheless, it was unusual things that did Chicago in: missed layups and giving up 56 first half points … Carlos Boozer has been playing so bad that even his kids were cheering against him … LeBron might have a bike, but Kobe has a helicopter. And he wasn’t going to let James outshine him. 35 points and 14 rebounds, and the record (passing Kareem) for most field goals made in Laker history. He also swallowed his ego for a minute, and allowed Pau Gasol (28 points) and Andrew Bynum (21 points) to play high-low three possessions in a row in the final two minutes against Minnesota. Three buckets later, the Lakers had the room they needed to snuggle into a 106-101 road win … The Lakers were up 18 in the third before Ricky Rubio started throwing crazy lobs and hitting weird fadaway runners. Unique isn’t a strong enough word. This was the best five-point, eight-assist game we’ve seen, and his impact was enough to bring ‘Sota all the way back. But even with Kevin Love dropping a bomb (33 points, 13 rebounds), the Lakers were the ones creating the highlights in the final minutes, finishing the game off like this was 2009 … New Orleans got caught on the toilet, falling behind 27-6 to start the game against Atlanta, and the Hawks finished off the embarrassment, blowing out the Hornets in their own arena, 94-72. Jeff Teague tied his career-high with 24 … Keep reading to hear why Danny Granger nearly missed his game against the Magic …

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