‘Legends Showcase’ Puts A Bow On Top Of NBA 2K12

11.21.11 8 years ago 4 Comments
The driving force behind NBA 2K12 was that it allowed you to determine, once and for all, the greatest player of all time. Now, with the downloadable content add-on “Legends Showcase,” you have 45 new NBA greats to choose from, and this time, the battle is going down in the center of Times Square.

I got a chance to get a sneak peak of the “Legends Showcase” add-on from our friends at Access Communications, and I came away feeling as though I could play these new modes for hours. Not only are you able to create dream matchups that you’ve always wanted to see, but you can also pit your favorite legends against one another in a game of H-O-R-S-E in front of thousands of hollering fans or play a game of 21 with up to four players.

All the modes take place in a fictional Times Square setting, which made me remember the days of the Nike World Basketball Festival. In the 2 v. 2 Teammate Challenge, you play with set teammates from the past, while the 3 v. 3 Era Challenge allows you to run with different trios from different decades. Isiah/Bird/Ewing vs. Shaq/KG/Nash is just one of many intriguing match-ups to choose from. You can also pick two 5 v. 5 teams from the 45 legends: a “pick-up game” for as long as you wish.

The H-O-R-S-E mode is one of the better arcade experiences you could ask for in an add-on pack. After choosing from a variety of cleverly-named trick shots, you can make the shot even more difficult by exploring secret locations in the virtual Times Square setting. Want to shoot from the top of the 2K van or on the steps of the NBA Store? Set the trajectory you want and fire away — it’s not easy but it’s addictive as heck.

The visual graphics on the players and fans in the “Legends Showcase” are a bit different — anyone who played the game Borderlands will recognize the “cel-shaded” technology, which makes for a more fun, cartoon-like action experience.

All in all, the “Legends Showcase” is definitely a worthy purchase for any true NBA 2K12 fan, especially because you can integrate your My Player into the “Showcase” action by beating the different modes. Grab a controller and settle the debate this holiday season.

*…hit page 2 for a photo gallery from the in-game mode…*

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