We Had Lonzo Ball And De’Aaron Fox Play Each Other 1-On-1 In ‘NBA 2K18’

10.10.17 1 year ago

NBA 2K18

Among the many subplots to this NBA season is the strange rivalry between Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox. The two famously met in the NCAA Tournament back in March as members of UCLA and Kentucky, respectively, where Fox dominated and Ball had some struggles.

Since then, the two have not met again on the court, but it hasn’t been for a lack of matchups. The Lakers and Kings squared off in NBA Summer League action, but Ball sat out due to a nagging groin injury. Last week, the two teams met again in the preseason, and again, Ball sat out with an ankle injury.

There’s a very good chance Ball has sat out both Kings games for legitimate reasons, but there are plenty of NBA fans (and DeMarcus Cousins) that have posited that Ball has purposefully avoided matchups with Fox. The Kings and Lakers don’t meet again until November 22 in Sacramento, so to settle all of this nonsense we turn to the virtual basketball world to settle the score.

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