Ludacris Turned Anthony Davis’ Unibrow Into The Best Halloween Costume Of The Year

Because of the Paralympian who dressed up on Halloween weekend as the lamp from “A Christmas Story” and this two-dog costume, earning the title of “Best Costume” this year has been a losing proposition for everyone else. It’s like when Larry Bird showed up at the NBA’s inaugural three-point contest of 1986 and declared everyone else was shooting for second place. Wait, what’s that? Oh, Ludacris may have actually won the Halloween weekend with his Anthony Davis costume.

Via Ball Don’t Lie, Davis and his literally trademarked unibrow were the inspiration for Ludacris’ outfit, which stayed remarkably faithful to the original unibrow look Davis takes pride in. The middle of the brow looks like it’s either been blended with real hair into his real brow or the work of a makeup professional. Even though Davis’ unibrow looked fake the first times we saw it at Kentucky, Ludacris does a bang-up job making it look real. So Davis could not only win Rookie of the Year, but have his look be inspiration for Costume of the Year.

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