Luka Doncic Made A Ridiculous Pass For A Wide Open Three Again

The list of people who are better at passing a basketball than Luka Doncic is very, very short. Doncic is an absolutely genius at using the attention that defenses place on him as a way to set up simple looks for his teammates. He’s shown off this ability time after time, and on Tuesday night against the New York Knicks, Doncic did that once again to set up one of the easiest looks that Reggie Bullock will ever get.

Doncic made his way into the paint and pump faked, which sent a pair of Knicks defenders into the air. Normally, this would lead to a player just going up for a layup and taking a very easy two points, but Doncic knew that Julius Randle — who was guarding Bullock in the corner — would respect his ability to make a layup and try to swat him from behind.

As such, Doncic decided to flick the ball out to a suddenly wide open Bullock. Because Bullock is a very good shooter and he was able to take a wide open corner three pointer in front of his own bench, this was basically like giving up a free three points, all because Luka Doncic is his teammate.