Luka Doncic And Michael Porter Jr. Have A Social Media Beef Over Who’s More Overrated

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There’s a ton of hype surrounding a number of members of the NBA’s 2018 rookie class. Included on that list of intriguing rookies are Luka Doncic and Michael Porter Jr. — the former a superstar in Europe who is going to try and carve out a niche as a superstar in the NBA because of his breathtaking playmaking, the latter a dangerous scorer who slipped to the Nuggets at the end of the lottery due to concerns about his long-term health.

If all goes right for the pair, both will end up being superstars. There are questions about how Doncic will translate to the NBA and way more questions about whether Porter will be able to stay on the floor due to his back, but it might take years before we have answers to those.

One thing is for sure, though: The pair don’t seem to be especially huge fans of one another. This started on Thursday, when someone called Doncic “the most overrated person I’ve seen in my life” on Instagram and Doncic liked their comment.

This led to some people getting rather upset with Porter, as Doncic has a trophy case full of awards from his time in Europe that back up the hype surrounding him. One such person who wasn’t especially happy was 19-year-old Montenegrin basketball player Dino Radončić, who played with Doncic at Real Madrid. Radončić tweeted that, actually, Porter is the overrated player in this scenario, and you’ll never guess who ended up liking that tweet (hint: it was Doncic).

We’ll know a little later today when Doncic’s Mavs and Porter’s Nuggets will square off during the regular season, as the NBA will announce its full 2018-19 schedule later today. One thing is for sure: It’s going to be fascinating watching these two face off on the hardwood.

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