Magic Johnson Does Not Write His Own Tweets, Which Begs Some Further Questions

There are few things more reliable in this world than getting factual, straightforward information from Magic Johnson’s Twitter account. When the Hall of Famer tweets, there is a little added brightness brought to the timeline. His Twitter account has become almost a parody of itself, most often sending congratulations to other great athletes while listing out, very specifically, what they have accomplished, or simply noting some news and facts about it.

However, as we learned recently during an appearance by Johnson on Rob Lowe’s podcast “Literally!,” Johnson is not the person writing his tweets.

“No, I have somebody write them out. I tell them what I want to say and they write them,” Johnson told Lowe after the Hollywood star was puzzled by the fascination with Johnson’s Twitter account (h/t Silver Screen and Roll).

It is heartbreaking news for NBA Twitter, as there was something really enjoyable about imagining Magic Johnson typing out these extremely matter of fact tweets. Still, this begs a few further questions about Johnson’s Twitter.

1. Who is writing Magic Johnson’s tweets?
2. Is that a full-time job or just part of an overall assistant deal?
3. Are these tweets sent verbatim from what Johnson says, or is this mystery tweeter simply given a prompt and told to “make it sound like me?”
4. Does he have standards for what tweets should look like and a strict “no editorializing” policy?
5. How can one procure the Magic Johnson Twitter Style Guide?
6. Is he properly paying his social media manager for crafting one of the all-time Twitter brands?

I’m most intrigued by the third question, because there’s still a chance this is how Magic Johnson would tweet if he wanted to actually operate the phone but is too rich to need to do so. If he’s just dictating these tweets verbatim than this might be even better than him pecking away at a phone keyboard. I can see him reclining in a chaise lounge in his office, dictating exactly how he wants to congratulate Patrick Mahomes on a record-breaking contract, with the specific details of how much he could make.

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