Magic Johnson Lists All-Time Greats & Forgets To Include Kobe Bryant

Magic Johnson took to Twitter today to call attention to the blossoming rivalry between LeBron James and Kevin Durant while the latter continues to up his game to otherworldly heights since the calendar turned to 2014. With the Heat and Thunder set to tip-off on ESPN tomorrow night, Johnson extolled KD’s virtues as a player and compared him and James to some of the game’s best; except, he forgot to include Kobe Bryant among those greats, which is sure to cause the ire of Laker fans everywhere.

Let it also be noted that Johnson failed to include Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Moses Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Julius Irving, the all-time winningest athlete in sports history, Bill Russell, and possibly the greatest player/GM combination in history as well as the freakin’ Logo for the NBA, Jerry West. But we’re focusing on Kobe because it’s Kobe.



Johnson used to he a minority owner of the Lakers before he purchased a majority stake in the Dodgers, but his omission of Bryant probably has more to do with the 140-character limit of a single tweet than with any sort of overt snub of the Lakers star. At least that’s what we think. Maybe Magic’s innocuous tweet was some dastardly malevolence towards Bryant, mixed in with his praise of Durant, but we doubt it. Hopefully Magic’s got better things to do with his time.



(h/t: FTW)

Did Magic exclude Bryant on purpose?

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